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These sites are included for research purposes.  Please be aware that The House of Pomba-gira does not necessarily endorse their content.

Pomba-gira, Exu, Umbanda Links;

These sites will lead you further into realms of Pomba-gira!
Filhos do Fogo
Umbanda Brasil
Centro de Umbanda
The House of Exu Rei
This is one of the best Umbanda sites I have found.

The House of Eshu


Voudon Links

These links open you up to the wonderful world of Voudon;
Technicians of the Sacred
New Orleans Voodoo
Voodoo Authentica
Mami Wata
These links are provided for your interest only, do with them as you will;
Terence McKenna
Please do your mind a favour and listen to the words of a master.  This link is a must!
The following two sites may seem a little odd but I sure find them fascinating;

See Me Rot

My Son Peter

If you notice any broken links, let me know. Also let me know about your own favorite sites!

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